About the Society (Delhi Chapter History)

The Indian Society of Analytical Scientists (ISAS) - Delhi Chapter is a scientific forum constituted in December 1992 with Indian Oil R&D Centre Faridabad as its Headquarters. It's jurisdiction comprises of Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana & any other contiguous area in that region. The present membership of the chapter is more than 1000. The prime objective of this fledgling scientific body is to provide a platform to a large cross section of scientific community in this part of country, who are engaged in rendering analytical services, so as to exchange their views and findings and to collaborate among themselves for mutual benefits.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote, encourage and develop the growth of Analytical sciences and their applications.
  • To establish an active association of all those persons, bodies, institutions (private or public) and industries interested in above (point 1).
  • To disseminate information concerning the development in Analytical sciences and their applications through publications such as bulletins, reports, newsletters and journals.
  • To organize courses , symposia, seminars etc. in various parts of the country to educate the user of Analytical equipments and offer a proper platform for reporting and discussing new developments in various fields of Analytical sciences belonging to the present day Analytical chemistry.
  • To initiate to make available analysed samples for educational institutions and industries.
  • To render advice (technical or otherwise) to Government and commercial bodies o matters pertaining to Analytical techniques and applications when needed or requested
  • To secure grants, funds, endowments, and administer the same for the furtherance of the aims and objectives mentioned above.
  • To acquire property such as office premises, auditorium etc.
  • To co-operate with the existing academics societies and institutes having similar objectives for the furtherance of Analytical sciences and their applications and with such other associations when found.
  • To affiliate itself with suitable International organisations for the promotion of common objectives and to provide adequate representations of this country in International forums.
  • To frame, construct, adopt, prepare, regulate or sanction rules, regulations, laws and bye-laws whereby the society may think fit to guide itself or whereto the society should conform or have recourses to carry out its objectives or otherwise, and from time-to-time vary, alter or confirm one or other of such rules, regulations, laws and bye-laws.
  • To undertake and execute all other acts which shall promote the aims and objectives of the society.

In nutshell, the Society provides a common forum for Analytical Scientists to exchange ideas, keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in this field, thus promoting the growth of analytical sciences in the country.